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Ordering Begins August 18, 2021
SpeedDrop Opens for Business on August 18, 2021!
Advertising Campaign will begin August 18, 2021 for Full Launch

We are now officially open for business!

We will also be adding new vendors weekly as we build our driver network so check back often for your favourite restaurants. You can also expect to see vendors that are currently not using other app delivery services so that SpeedDrop's collection of vendors will be unique.

SpeedDrop It!
For lower vendor fees and lower consumer prices

At SpeedDrop we are striving to lift the burden of high costs for vendors to have food delivery services at the touch of a few buttons.

Big-name apps on the market today take a large percentage from each restaurant order and driver delivery, they also charge the customer an extra percentage on top of the percentage to the restaurant. We want to lower those costs and bring the ease of delivery app ordering to their customers while bringing them the cheapest prices available.

  • Lower Vendor Fees

    We charge up to 25% less than the major competitors. With the lower fees vendors can make themselves more available on our app compared to the major competitors.

  • Pass on the Savings

    vendors are able to keep their standard take-out delivery prices when using SpeedDrop as opposed to listing increased prices in an attempt to make up some of the fee difference.

Check out some of our app features in version 1.0!

For our Drivers & Vendors...

Real-Time Listings

Vendors can modify their content and availability on the fly!

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